Gregory Pontrelli, HCS

President/CEO; Chief People Strategist

University of Delaware, BS
University of Delaware, Cert
Cornell University, Cert
Human Capital Institute, HCS

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Thomas Fitzsimmons, MA, MBA

Managing Director of Consulting;
Executive Coach

United States Military Academy at West Point, B.S. Eng.
Boston University, Ed.M
Harvard Business School, MBA

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Ramaris German, PhD

Consultant, Emotional Intelligence and Social Dynamics 

University of Pennsylvania, BA
American University, MA, PhD.
University of Pennsylvania, Postdoctoral

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Angelica Salgado, PhD ABD

Director of Research

Johns Hopkins University, BA Cognitive Science
University of Pennsylvania, MA Psychology
University of Pennsylvania, Phd. Cand

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Karen Maxwell

Senior Consultant; Education

Pace University, BA

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Fabian Bürkin

Head of Client Success

University of Konstanz, Germany
Burgtheater, Vienna, Austria

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Teresa Fitzsimmons, EdM, MA

Director Workforce Dynamics

Manhattanville College, BA
Salve Regina University, EdM
Boston University, MA
Harvard University, Cert

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Kachina Allen, PhD


Princeton University, Postdoctoral
McGill University, Postdoctoral
University of Sydney, PhD
Macquarie University, BS

Thomas Stanford

Consultant and Trainer

United States Military Academy, West Point, BS
University of Chicago, CW
Longwood University, MS
George Washington University, EdS>

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Rachel Vasara, MA

Director of Talent Management/ Recruiting

University of California Los Angeles, BA
University of California Los Angeles, MA

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Joy Hu

Consultant, Incentive & Compensation

Columbia University, MS
Missouri University, MS
Tianjin University (China), BA

David Malmquist


University of Colorado, BS
University of Colorado, MS

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Kristen Kopple, PhD

Trainer, Social and Psychological Dynamics

Bryn Mawr, PhD
Bryn Mawr, MA
Middlebury College, CW
Dartmouth College, BA

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