HR Transformation

It was once thought that the role of Human Resources was an administrative one. This is an antiquated perspective. Today, organizations must reframe their view of Human Resources from that of a cost center to a revenue primer. The first step toward this end is to invest in Human Resources by automating the tactical tasks and re-shift focus to the strategic. Strategy, a concept once resigned to the boardroom, must be deliberated on and executed with and through the HR department.

Review the State of your HR Function.
The first step in any HR transformation is to assess the current state of of Human Resources function within your organization. It is important to analyze and take inventory of where you are today, so you can get an idea of what it takes to get to where you have to go.
Compare your Function to your Goals.
The demand to deliver value, from all employees, at all levels, in all departments, is both a challenge and an opportunity. Has your HR function devolved into a compliance and operations hub? Or has it evolved to executing and driving the organization toward its goals? .
Analyze Department Tasks
More specifically, what is the corporate org chart? What is the HR org chart? Who does what tasks?
Tech: Optimize, Augment, or Implement
One enabler to an HR transformation is your technology, without the right people technology and analytics, you will be stuck in the tactical minutiae of the day to day. Do you have the right technology? Are you utilizing it to its full potential? Or, is your technology creating bottlenecks in your processes? Is it time to buy, build, or borrow a new system?
Break Down Department Silos
We will launch an investigation to ensure that your teams and systems effectively communicate another.