Executive Presence

How executive presence will help you own the room and influence others

Have you ever observed an individual the exudes a calm confidence and control? This type of individual will usually also effortlessly command and influence a room full of people. When this person speaks, others stop in their tracks to listen. The key quality that this type of individual tends to possess is what we call “Executive Presence”.

Do you have it?.... Would you like to?

You must have executive presence in order to be an influential leader. It is absolutely crucial to propelling your professional promotion timeline. Fortunately, research has shown, that executive presence is a psychological state of mind and aesthetic trait that can be taught and trained. Over the past 30 years, our executive coaches at Lausanne Business Solutions have leveraged their unique business insights and expertise in psychology to train numerous executives to perfect their executive presence.

In this program, your own executive coach will work closely with you to design a customized coaching plan to fit your immediate and long-term career goals. He or she will walk you through the leading theories of social psychology and linguistics, to provide the right foundation for your new skill set. Along the way, you will master public speaking skills to ensure you own the room, no matter what the setting or occasion. Your executive coach will help you attain the verbal and non-verbal linguistic skills required to express your ideas clearly and confidently as well as perfect your personal and physical image to ensure that every impression you leave is executive.

This program includes

An expert-designed one-on-one coaching plan


The psychology behind the skill


Training on how to command the room


Tips on language, body language, and haptics