We believe that only the right training, with the right content, delivered in the right way achieves the right objects for maximum impact. We focus on the latests research-based methods and approaches to deliver impactful trainings and lasting results.

We take the time to understand your culture and your overall organizational strategy. A learning strategy, along with its tactics must all ultimately align with where you are going. Because of this we pay special attention to your organization, its culture, and its strategy before we do anything else.

Our process:

We analyze your current needs using competency models, training need analyses, psychometric tests, and knowledge and skill-based tests.

   We design the right, research-supported course materials to meet those needs.

   We develop an impactful training using the right mix of active learning, group dynamics, and minimal lecture techniques.

   Our expert facilitators deliver the training to your people.

   We use post-assessments to evaluate the impact of our training.

Our use of research-based learning methods ensures maximal learning and impact

Active Learning
Decades of research have shown that learners remember and apply more material when they are actively involved in the learning process. We use the right mixture of hands-on activities, case studies, simulations, and discussions to ensure that learners take on an active rather than passive role in every training.
Group Dynamics
Through the use of goal-directed group work, participants not only have the opportunity to interact with colleagues outside of work setting, they also must work with individuals of different cultures, personalities, genders, ages, skill-levels, etc. Group activities also teach participants to cooperate and negotiate when necessary to reach a common goal.
Critical Thinking Skills
Active learning and goal-directed group dynamics have been shown to increase critical thinking and listening skills. This is because participants learn to listen critically, to question what they do not understand, and to challenge when they disagree. This method also helps students gain an appreciation for the ways in which others approach tasks in different ways and from various perspectives.
Never Death by Powerpoint
We do not believe in our instructors spending hours lecturing at participants. Rather, our instructors are trained to faciliate active learning activities and meaningful discussionsamong participants which promotes behavioral shifts and lasting learning impacts.