Employee Engagement

Increasing Employee Engagement for Long Term Success

Today’s business environment is rapidly changing. This has created additional challenges for your organization. Compliance risk, legal challenges, and policy changes consume your time and cash flow. Globalization has increased the need for your front line to understand cultural mores. In addition, today’s global markets require your finance department to posses strong banking support and currency hedging strategies. The Internet has opened new markets for you, but it has also opened the doors for all of your competitors. Social Media has transformed how you promote your brand and sell to your customers. These changes, and more, are happening rapidly. In the time you have read this paragraph, another change is undoubtedly challenging your business. Our question is, amongst the multitude of changes, what is your biggest business challenge?
The answer, employee engagement.

We are often asked to partner with organizations to improve sales performance, help implement strategy, or deliver customer service training. While these are important areas to augment and enhance, more often than not we find that the true source of slow performance to be low employee engagement.

A recent gallop poll showed that 73% of employees are deeply dissatisfied with their jobs. If your employees aren’t enabled, if communication is not optimal, if teams are not adequately structured, and if there is not a diligent pulse check among your employee sentiment coupled with a proactive resolution to dissatisfaction, motivation will fall. When motivation falls, employee happiness and care plummet. This in turn triggers a series of side effects: delivery of customer service wanes, productivity plummets, absenteeism rises, and turnover increases. Unfortunately, these are usually lagging indicators-- by the time you identify the adverse effects of poor employee engagement, it’s far too late.

Winning organizations rely on their people. In order for this to be possible, your teams must be enabled, supported, and motivated. Improving processes, implementing the right technologies, and increasing the effectiveness of communications are all necessary steps toward creating optimal employee relations.

Allow us to help your business thrive. At Lausanne we take the time to understand every organization’s unique social and strategic landscape. Among other deliverables, we can:

Assess Employee Engagement.
We will assess your employees level of engagement by delivering and analyzing expert crafted surveys.
Measure Communication Effectiveness.
Communication plays and integral role in engagement. That is why it is important to measure and analyze its efficacy within your business.
Build a Competency Framework.
There are universals for employee engagement, but there are also specific detractors and enhancers for your business. Once we survey, analyze, and measure, we interview key players. From there we will build your team a competancy framework to use to transform employee engagement and harness performance.
Train your Management.
Most importantly, we provide key trainings to your management. Because, as we all know, the relationship between management and employees is one of the biggest determining factors in the level of engagement.