Management 360s

Regardless of a company’s overarching strategy, successful organizations need management that engages their people, effectively lead their teams, and drive the best results. Today’s managers execute in an ever changing landscape where they face new challenges every day. Therefore, it is crucial that managers continuously improve their leadership, communication, relationship building, and problem solving abilities.

In order to drive improvement, managers must inventory their talents and appraise their strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. The most powerful instrument to conduct such an evaluation is the management 360 approach. While many technologies on the market enable internal 360 feedback, there is no substitute for expert facilitation of 360 reviews.

Our team at Lausanne Business Solutions will conduct a deep dive into a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your managers by interviewing superiors, contemporaries, colleagues, partners, clients, and other key stakeholders. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to elicit optimal feedback throughout the process, to ensure that management not only learns their strengths and weaknesses, but improves upon these. Our 360 review process is designed to help your organization and your managers gain insights into the efficacy and impact of their actions and behaviors.

Ways to work with us

Single Manager Assessment
We assess select managers and provide findings reports as well as design an actionable plan for recommended improvement.
Management Team
We conduct an assessment of your entire management team as well as provide a findings report and design an actionable plan for recommended improvement.
In addition to results report an actionable improvement plans, you have the option to engage us to provide expert coaching for some or all of our recommended actions.