Training for Organizations

For the past three decades, organizations of all market capitalizations have sought the management consulting expertise of Lausanne Business Solutions. Our team of academics and practitioners have partnered with corporations to train employees and board members alike, develop human capital, advise on organizational change, implement strategic development, and produce operational improvement. Due to today’s volatile economic pressures and fast-paced business environment, it is more important than ever to attract, develop, and retain a skilled workforce while creating operational efficiencies. Lausanne Business Solutions’ expert team of trainers and business consultants is ready to help your organization optimize performance.

Training Needs Analysis
We believe that impactful training starts with a strong understanding of where your teams are, and where your teams need to go. We analyze your people's competencies and compare then vis a vis the competencies needed to achieve your organizational goals. READ MORE⇒
Training Courses for your Workforce
We take pride in the fact that 90% of our training courses are custom tailored. Canned workshops are about as useful to your organization as basic entertainment. At Lausanne, we provide delivery of tailored content and leverage our expertise in learning to make sure content is learned, and we create lasting positive change in performance toward organizational goals.
Coaching and Training for Senior Managers
What got you this far isn't enough to get you where you need to go. At Lausanne, we have transformational growth programs for managers, senior managers, and executives. We provide training, one-on-one coaching, and counsel to help you to increase your executive trajectory, self dealing, decision making, leadership, and people management. READ MORE⇒

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