Ramaris German, PhD


  • University of Pennsylvania, BA
  • American University, MA, PhD.
  • University of Pennsylvania, Postdoctoral

Ramaris E. German, PhD, is Emotional Intelligence and Social Dynamics Consultant for Lausanne Business Solutions.

In this capacity, Dr. German helps organizations harness emotions and embrace diversity and realize the positive effects of social, cultural, gender, and sexual diversity on organization’s bottom line. Ramaris German's background is a diverse one in its own rite. Ramaris emigrated from the Dominican Republic to New York City when she was seven years of age. A great deal of her motivation to study Diversity stems from her experience navigating the world as a minority and a woman. Despite discrimination and limited opportunity, Dr. German excelled academically, athletically, and professionally.

Ramaris attended the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate degree in Psychology,where she was a research assistant for renowned Lester Luborsky, Ph.D. Ramaris then attended American University for her Masters and Doctoral study. During her studies Ramaris completed a predoctoral clinical internship at Bellvue Hospital Center.

Upon graduation she was offered jobs at a large strategy consultancy, and three of the nation’s top universities. Following her passion, Ramaris accepted a faculty position at the University of Pennsylvania’s Aaron T. Beck Research Center. While there, Dr. German focused on the dissemination and training of cognitive therapy.

Dr. German joined Lausanne Business Solutions in 2013. In addition to her work with Lausanne Business Solutions, Dr. German’s research has focused on specific processes in mood disorders and in psychotherapy outcome research. She has authored or co-authored 15 articles and presentations on depression and psychotherapy and her current research focuses on the dissemination and implementation of diversity programs and their impact. She also has extensive experience in psychometric testing and competency testing. Rami has consulted and provided training to many established organizations including hospitals, non-profits, and corporations. Dr. German is passionate about having wide-spread impact on ethnic diversity and gender equality and aiding organizations in embracing diversity to better outcomes for stockholders and stakeholders alike.


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