Proper and effective training requires trainers to have the knowledge and know-how to structure, deliver, evaluate and analyze their training. Lausanne Business Solution’s Training-the-Trainer program does just that. Our research-based and expert-crafted training training-the-trainer program will tool your trainer(s) to make an impact on the learning within their workforce.

Why you need to Train-the-trainer

   Urges to do more with less

   Uncertainty of budgets

   Need to stave off attrition

   Pressure to do more with less

   Current training is working well in the classroom but not in the workplace

   You want to become a skilled trainer

   To scale an existing training initiative

   You want to help others learn and apply new ideas

Train the Trainer Program Description

After taking this class participants will have a framework for planning and delivering their training in an impactful manner. Participants will also learn how to analyze and evaluate outcomes clearly and precisely. When these skills come together, they generate opportunities and ensure success. Trainings will be more engaged and outcomes will be long-term. Our approach to training-the-trainer provides both theory and practice. Each participant will contribute, exercise, and practice their training deliveries.

Our Training-the-Trainer program is engaging, interactive, and delivers expert and researched based insights on various training delivery methods. While we discuss all training methods, we espouse the “Active Learning” methodology.

Training-the-trainer Program Options

Option 1: Corporate On-site
Our onsite training-the-trainer program incorporates all of the best structure, content, and delivery methods for this training while also being fully tailored and customizable depending on your specific training need. For the most part, our training-the-trainer program welcomes up to 16 participants for a 3 day duration. During that time participants will not only gain insights into optimal training delivery, but they will also get to create or hone their own content in the process.
Option 2: One on One Personal Coaching, and Guidance
Our one on one training-the-trainer program provides the most individual attention. You will have the opportunity to work from start to finish on your desired training program. In the process you will be exposed to new techniques and new concepts. You will learn how each section should be delivered and how learning up-take can be optimized.
Option 3: Open Enrollment
In this open enrollment option is similar to the on-site option but you will be in training with peers from outside your organization. This option provides participants with diverse points of view and various vantage points from which to receive feedback and from which to learn.