Understanding Yourself and Others

With respect to hiring employees, developing talent, and building cohesive teams, nothing exceeds the importance of possessing a deep understanding of who you are and how you relate with others. To aid in this pivotal endeavor, Lausanne Business Solutions has crafted this one-of-a-kind workshop that delves into individual personality, resulting behaviors, and social styles and how they impact the way you interact with others and perform on teams.

The Assessment
Prior to the start of the workshop participants will complete Lausanne's in-house psychometric assessment, the Workplace Dynamics Profile (WDP). The WDP consists of 125 questions in an effort to elicit core personality traits, facets, and beliefs. The WDP and our staff psychologists will interpret the results and provide a report that analyzes individual personality traits and how they relate to work functions - how you interact with others, deal with conflict, and work on teams. Furthermore,the profile explores career motivators associated with particular personality types. The report is rounded off with a measure of strengths and weaknesses and actionable recommendations to increase the employee’s engagement level and outlines personality-specific engagement-killers to avoid. Remarks for how personality affects being managed and managing others are discussed and actionable advice is provided.

The Workshop
How many times has your organization administered a test to evaluate talent potential, team member? How often do these results lead to lasting improved performance? Individual reports and pretty charts do nothing toward changing behaviors and driving real business results. In order to maximize value and ensure optimal implementation, the WDP profile results assessment is delivered in the form of a feedback session during a 1-on-1 or workshop setting. During this session one of our experts helps your employees and their team understand their results as a whole. Feedback delivered provides employees with a deep understanding of how their personality traits could contribute to or impede career success and whether they should continue or augment certain personality-based behaviors to drive positive change and organizational effectiveness.

The Workshop further educates participants how to take advantage of their strengths, how to moderate their weaknesses, and how to optimize their interactions with others.