What if you could take the pulse of your organization’s employee engagement? What if this allowed you to uncover the sources of low engagement before they took hold? Having clear insights into your employee’s level of engagement would give your organization the power to increase employee focused activities to boost engagement and in turn expand discretionary effort and performance.

Our ImpactEngagement™ system is a window into your employees’ world. Unlike other employee engagement solutions we custom tailor our surveys and dig deep into potential engagement killers to help you understand how to improve your organizational effectiveness. Our surveys are more than a data dump. We will provide you an elegant and easy to use feedback dashboard as well as partner with you to help you understand the results and provide actionable advice.

Many things can influence engagement.
However there are 4 core areas to examine.
We call these the 4 vantage points, which are:


Do you find satisfaction in your work?


Do you team members take time to know each other and support each other.


Does management focus equally on people development and motivation as much as they focus on task and execution?


Is work strategically aligned and is there a culture of engagement?

There are also Universal Engagement Detractors. Those are:

    • Employee Engagement is a two-way street.
    • The Organization must do its part but so must the employee.
    • Individuals must do their part, but so must others.
    • Our interventions to improve engagement keep these truths in mind.
Lack of Resources
Resistance to Change
Poor Communication
Low Trust

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