Assessments for Individuals and Teams

Data and Insights for people development and organizational performance improvement

You already know that people are your greatest asset.
We help you optimize how your peoples’ skills are employed:

  • Are they right for the job?
  • Are they currently in the right role?
  • Are they on the right team?
  • How do I best communicate with them?
  • How can I lead them through change?
  • How do I motivate and engage them?
  • What skills must they acquire?
  • How can I train and develop them?

require real data

Our assessment solutions provide
you and your organization
with insights into your people.

Why LBS assessments?

With over 30 years of management consulting and organizational development, LBS takes a scientific approach to individual and organizational assessment enables organizations to invest more strategically in their people.

  • Psychology. Technology. Expertise.

    These are three tenants that are readily recognizable in all of the work that we do. All assessments are influenced by findings in psychological research. We leverage the optimal technology to ascertain the desired information, be that in-person interviews, surveys, automated reviews or assessments, or now, with artificial intelligence and machine learning. And lastly, all assessments are deployed and interpreted by trained experts.

  • People-first approach.

    We believe people are complex. Understanding this is key to proper utilization of our assessments. Every assessment should be viewed within the context of the overall individual and their environment.

  • Unique Network. Ability to scale.

    LBS has three tiers. In addition to our core team of consultants and trainers, we have a certified second tier of associate consultants. Lastly, when necessary, we work with top tier university business and psychology departments to provide any gap in because of this, we can scale our engagements to every client’s needs.

  • Just in time assessments.

    No matter who or what you are assessing, we have an assessment to aid in your endeavor. Our assessments cover every stage of the talent journey, from predicting leadership potential to testing immediate readiness for a specific role. We can deploy these assessments on your timeline and when you are ready. If what you are exploring is nuanced, we can tailor the right assessment tool for your requested engagement.

  • Tied to development.

    We believe that insights are only useful if they can be used to deliver growth and improved performance. Because of this, our assessments not only shed light on challenges or gaps, but also opportunities for improvement.

  • We are data driven

    All assessments provide useful and actionable data

Our Popular Assessment Solutions:


Training Needs Analysis

It is often said that you " don't know what you don't know." Blind spots are weaknesses waiting to be turned into strengths. We can evaluate individual employees or your entire organization in order to inform you on the best development plan or training and development program.

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Leadership Styles Inventory

While your leadership may be unique, chances are you fall within a combination of archetypal leadership styles. This assessment will help you understand what your baseline leadership style is and the benefits, opportunities, and implications that correspond with it. This profile can be used for self-awareness, management training, or leadership development.

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360 Management Reviews

When getting feedback, it is important to listen to numerous sources, and among a variety of departments and levels of seniority. By doing so, you capture the entire 360 degrees of perspectives. The report includes both qualitative and quantitative insights and actionable recommendations for growth. This can be used individually or part of a cohort. It can be delivered on its own or as part of a coaching or training program.

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Personivate Profile

A breakthrough innovation in personality and behavioral assessment. The Personivate Profile provides a comprehensive analysis of personality and highlights default behavior in a variety of key workplace situations. It can be leveraged for individuals to gain self-awareness, to increase team-cohesion, or as a tool for leadership development.

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Emotional Intelligence Quotient

We all experience emotions. These emotions are a product of our natural disposition, automatic thoughts, and our interpretations and interactions with situations and experiences. The ability to recognize, understand, and manage these emotions, not only within ourselves, but in other people, dictate our intrapersonal, interpersonal, and career success. Our EI assessment is an in-house creation that helps you benchmark and improve key areas of emotional intelligence.

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Talent Audit

95% of Managers tell us “I know my people’s skills and how they can best be used on our team,” and yet 90% of employees tell us “managers are unaware of my talents and strengths.” While this disconnect may come as a surprise, it is ubiquitous across industries. Our Talent Audit will provide you with a complete dossier of what peoples’ assets and liabilities may be for your team.

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Employee Engagement

Low levels of engagement can lead to high absenteeism, high turnover, and lower team and organizational performance. We take employee engagement seriously. We help you understand what it is, beyond its recognition as a buzzword, and how it impacts your company’s bottom line. We provide a framework for understanding and measuring it and through utilization of our online survey tool we provide analytical benchmarks from which you can formulate action plans and implement sustainable improvements.

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Custom Assessments

Want to assess something but need expertise in psychometric or organizational assessment? We can help. We know the right questions and how to ask them in order to ascertain desired data and actions insights.

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At Lausanne Business Solutions we leverage psychology, technology, and expertise in everything we do.
We partner with you in a variety of ways to ascertain information, and formulate optimal interventions, sessions, or recommendations.

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