It’s time to be strategic. Your people are no longer cogs in the corporate wheel, they are the engine that drives your organization forward. In order to win the race against your competition, you must be fueled, oiled, and have all pistons firing in concert. In your organization, this means finding the right talent as well as training, developing, engaging, and enabling your employees, while skillfully and thoughtfully managing their performance. At Lausanne Business Solutions (LBS), we help your people and your organization perform and succeed.

We see the big picture and we understand the role your people have in it. We've partnered with public and private industry to align people with organizational strategy and in turn deliver exceptional results.

People Focused Strategy

Organizations that have their people at the center of their strategy win. People-focused strategy can take shape in two ways. One way is to leverage your people in an effort to inform your strategy. The second way is to take your preexisting strategy and understand how your people can best play a role in bringing that strategy to life. On both fronts our expertise in strategy development, culture, change, and performance help you better construct a people-focused strategy that leads to major long-term results.

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Competency Model Development

What characteristics, attributes, and skills are needed to be successful in your organization? Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to better hire top talent and develop your people. We work with you to identify those core competencies so you can explore and develop your organization.

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Training Program Development

Looking for a partner to help you develop a training program? We have over 30 years of experience building both niche and comprehensive training programs from the ground up. We pride ourselves on our highly collaborative methodology that allows us to mold a program that best suits your organization’s specific needs.

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Instructional Design

Do you need support designing, developing and delivering instructional products and experiences to tool your employees, standardize learning, adopt a change, or to increase employee skillsets? Whether you need an online asset or an in-person deliverable, we can help you develop trainings with an impact.

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Employee Engagement

Even top talent will produce less then desirable results if they are disengaged. Gain deep insights into what employee engagement really is, how to measure it, and how to increase it. Then let us show you how augmenting certain processes will align, enable, empower, and motivate your people to perform at their best. Lausanne Business Solutions will help you define, measure, harness, and improve your Employee Engagement.

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Performance Management and Improvement

Do you know what is holding your people back from achieving more? Do you know what you are currently doing that is enabling their performance? From daily and weekly interactions to the performance review, we know the fine details that make the difference and the structures that nudge optimal performance.

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Mentor Program Development

Mentor relationships can be an enormous benefit to any organization, however, they are challenging to establish and maintain. A framework with such potential for good deserves expert attention. Seek our expertise in planning, matching, building, and sustaining impactful mentoring programs.

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HR Innovation and Transformation

All organizations want to innovate and facilitate continuous improvement; however, few organizations do it right. Let us show you how to think about HR in ways you haven’t before. As we take you through a series of research-supported innovation frameworks, you will gain confidence in your current systems or pave the way for possible breakthroughs for the future of HR.

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Change Management

How does your organization respond to change? When your organization experiences change, it often leaves your people confused and uncertain about what to expect in the future, which immediate and long-term consequences lie ahead, as well as how they should proceed and what is expected of them. At Lausanne Business Solutions we help your organization plan for and lead through change. Whether the change is due to external factors or driven by strategic, internal initiatives, we partner to help you achieve optimal outcomes.

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Professional Services Practice Management

Running a practice of any kind is no easy task. Whether you are an internal practice to a larger organization, an Investment or Asset Management team, or an Insurance brokerage, managing even the day to day can pose significant challenges. Segmenting tasks to team members, juggling a vast array of projects and initiatives, providing first rate service, and winning new business can be challenging. At times any and every effort feels more like pedaling backwards than progress. We can help.

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Research from The Lausanne Institute

With our heritage as a research and advisory firm, the Lausanne Institute, still remains a big part of LBS. The institute is dedicated to in-house research organizational development and client requested discovery related to issues germane to their operations.

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