Great coaching programs require a nuanced approach. At Lausanne Business Solutions we combine expertise and experience with bespoke approaches to meet your needs and help you achieve your desired outcomes.


LBS Brings Unparalleled Knowledge and Frameworks to
Help You Achieve Unimaginable Breakthrough Results.

A few reasons high performers work with our coaches:

A few of our coaching programs:

Executive Coaching

Leaders from middle market companies to the Fortune 50, from non-profits to government agencies, have come to Lausanne to provide them with the unparalleled caliber of coaching and guidance we are known for.

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Professional Career Coaching

Whether you are stuck in your career or want to increase your career trajectory, we have the insider insights to help you accelerate your success.

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Team Development Coaching

Developing and leading a cohesive team requires a nuanced approach that straddles both art and science. We will provide you with powerful prescriptive steps and guide you through execution.

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Skills Development Coaching

Skill Development Coaching is for when you have a need to develop or hone a particular skill and want 1-1 attention. We have worked with individuals at all levels of their careers in a number of skill sets areas. The attention and access provided by such an arrangement leads to quick learning and application.

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Executive Presence Coaching

Style is never a substitute for substance, but without being cognizant of how you present yourself and how you are perceived, you will never be able to put substance to work. Executive presence coaching explores how you look, how you speak, how you command attention, and how you persuade. We then provide you with guidance needed to optimize these areas to win the hearts and minds of both your subordinates and superiors.

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Relationship Management Coaching

Who ever said managing key relationships within your organization, or with clients was easy? Well, if you were under the impression that it is, you are wrong. Our frameworks will teach you just how to build strong and long lasting relationships that can be leveraged to create outsized results for you and your organization.

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