What is employee engagement anyway?

Similar to “strategy” and “synergy”, the word “employee engagement” has become a term that is overused by company management, software vendors, and consultants alike. Because of this, it has lost its meaning and left executives knowing that, while they are unsure what it is, that it is important and in need of improving.

Psychology. Technology. Expertise.

When you partner with us at Lausanne Business Solutions we provide insights into what employee engagement really is. We provide a contextual understanding of its importance to the employee experience, relationships, levels of conflict, turnover, and key performance areas. We show you how employee engagement can be measured, and most importantly provide guidance on how it can be improved. By doing so, we help you and your organization establish a sustainable competitive advantage when retaining top talent and winning in your marketplace.

We do all this by leveraging psychology, technology, and expertise.

Engaged Workforces are


Low absenteeism


High Performing

High Team Cohesion

Better at handling conflict


Low turnover

We advise you on

End-to-End Employee Engagement Strategy and Implementation

  • Understand We spend adequate time learning about you, your organization, and industry landscape.
  • Insight We share our thoughts, research, employee engagement model and philosophy with you.
  • Assess We deploy off the shelf and bespoke assessments, as needed, to understand employee engagement in your organization.
  • Develop Together we develop a strategic plan that establishes clear goals, and steps to drive increases in core engagement areas.
  • Enable We provide management and employees with the tools, resources, and knowledge to take ownership over employee engagement in themselves and their teams.
  • Unlock Together we remove obstacles preventing employee engagement potential and performance.
  • Elevate We help you deploy and promote exemplars that model necessary behaviors and tell the emblematic stories needed.
  • Sustain Together we provide ongoing monitoring so that course corrections can be made and so that high levels of engagement remain at necessary levels.

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