About the Building Better Team Engagement Workshop

Engaged teams are successful teams. However, recent work suggest that at least 70% of American employees report low engagement at work. Not only does this mean that many employees are unsatisfied, uninvolved, and apathetic in their work lives, it also suggests that overall performance is taking an unnecessary blow.

Using research, as well as surveys of executives and employees, this team engagement workshop presents a model which offers a framework for measuring, monitoring, and improving team dynamics and employee engagement.

Through active learning and discussion, you will gain familiarity with our model and explore team dynamics from your own experience and perspective. At the end of this course, you should walk away with the necessary tools to improve your own work experience as well as that of your colleagues, employees, and the entire organization.

Learning Objectives

Participants that complete this workshop will :

  • Learn Lausanne’s 4-Factor Model for Team Engagement
    • Individual Factor (Happiness, Satisfaction)
    • Management Factor (Motivating & Relating, Managing to Execution)
    • Organizational Factor (Culture, Alignment)
    • Barrier Factor (Conflict, Resources, Trust, etc)
  • Understand the team dynamic mechanisms of happiness, satisfaction, motivation, execution, culture, and strategic alignment.
  • Assess their level of team engagement.
  • Discover what team engagement really means to you.
  • Consider the responsibility of team dynamics, engagement, and performance. Is the responsibility of theirs?, other’s?, or everybody’s?
  • Explore their level of happiness and satisfaction at work and learn how to find more of it!
  • Uncover what motivation really is, and how to harness it.
  • Learn how to build trust.
  • Increase team cohesion.
  • Define the rules, roles, and expectations of their team.
  • Understanding effects on ingroup and outgroups.
  • Gain insights into how to speed past the storming, forming, and norming phases of teaming and get right to performing.
  • Explore differences of managing to people vs managing to execution.
  • Learn how to manage to people (relationship focused).
  • Learn managing to execution (setting goals, providing feedback, fostering accountability).
  • Remove barriers by improving poor communication, decreasing conflict, and reframing any lack of resources.
  • Understand macro culture and micro culture and its impact on their team.
  • Ultimately taking stock of their team’s current level of engagement, formulate a vision for future team engagement.
  • This class can be taken individually or with entire teams, workgroups, or division. All levels and tenure would benefit from this training.

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Who should participate

  • Senior Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Teams
  • Individual Contributors

How it helps

Participants learn a framework for measuring and developing team and organizational engagement. This framework can be explored from and individual perspective - how to improve ones own engagement and those of team members, or from a leadership/organizational development perspective - how to improve the organization's overall engagement.

Formats and Duration

The Building Better Team Engagement workshop can be delivered online, in-person, or blended. We offer a variety of durations from 1 day to 3 days depending on the desired outcome and level of discussion and exercises provided.

What participants are saying

The LBS team exceeds all expectations in a training provider. Not only do they bring their expertise to bare, but they are true partners in helping us achieve our L&D goals.


When you work with Lausanne Business Solutions you work with the principals. They are involved in every detail to ensure program success. Communication is seemless and workshops are highly effective. They are a team that thinks critically, problem solves, and delivers results.


After just 6 months working with LBS, our company is on its way to becoming a dominate player in our space. The Architecting Culture and Team Engagement frameworks have been instrumental in getting our management on the same page for “how” to operate as a strategically aligned team.”


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Unlocking Growth: Transforming Client Relationships in the Commercial Building Industry


In the highly competitive commercial building industry, maintaining strong client relationships is paramount to success. A leading national commercial builder in the pacific northwest approached Lausanne Business Solutions (LBS) recognized the need to strengthen their client relationships to unlock new opportunities and drive sustainable growth. They partnered with LBS, to identify and overcome the obstacles preventing them from deepening their sales relationships with clients and customers.

The builder, with a presence spanning the continental US, had a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality commercial construction projects. However, despite their solid track record, they were facing challenges in building lasting and profitable relationships with clients beyond the initial project. They noticed a trend toward regional builders after their initial projects.


  1. Stagnant Growth: XYZ Builders were struggling to expand their client base and increase revenue from existing clients.
  2. Missed Upselling Opportunities: The sales and business development teams were often missing opportunities to upsell additional services or engage clients in post-project initiatives.
  3. Lack of Customer Engagement:Client engagement post-project completion was minimal, hindering the establishment of long-term relationships.


Strategic Insights Consulting employed a systematic approach to address XYZ Builders' challenges and uncover the underlying issues:

  1. Data Analysis: The consulting team conducted an in-depth analysis of XYZ Builders' historical sales data, customer feedback, and market trends to identify patterns and opportunities.
  2. Stakeholder Interviews:Interviews were conducted with sales, business development, and client-facing teams to gather insights into their challenges, experiences, and client interactions.
  3. Competitive Benchmarking: The team benchmarked XYZ Builders against industry competitors to identify best practices in client relationship management.


The analysis and interviews revealed several key findings:

  • Lack of Post-Project Engagement: XYZ Builders had a limited strategy for engaging clients after project completion, resulting in missed opportunities to offer maintenance services, renovations, or expand partnerships.
  • Inconsistent Client Communication: Client communication was sporadic and lacked a structured approach, leading to client disengagement post-project.
  • Sales Team Training Gaps Sales and business development teams lacked training in relationship-building and upselling techniques.


Strategic Insights Consulting collaborated with XYZ Builders to develop a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs:

  • Client Engagement Strategy: A post-project engagement strategy was designed to nurture client relationships, offering regular updates, maintenance services, and periodic check-ins.
  • Communication Framework: A structured communication plan was established, outlining touchpoints, key messaging, and personalized content for clients.
  • Training and Development: Customized training programs were introduced for the sales and business development teams, focusing on relationship-building, upselling, and client engagement.


The implementation of the solution yielded remarkable results for XYZ Builders:

  • Revenue Growth: Within the first year, XYZ Builders experienced a 20% increase in revenue from existing clients due to upselling and additional service offerings.
  • Improved Client Satisfaction: Client satisfaction scores increased by 15%, indicating a deeper and more positive relationship with clients.
  • Long-Term Partnerships: XYZ Builders successfully converted several one-time clients into long-term partners, leading to a more predictable project pipeline.


Strategic Insights Consulting's partnership with XYZ Builders exemplifies the power of data-driven strategies and targeted solutions in transforming client relationships. By addressing communication gaps, improving client engagement, and enhancing the sales team's capabilities, XYZ Builders achieved significant growth and solidified their position in the competitive commercial building industry. This case study serves as a testament to the importance of continuous improvement and client-centric approaches in fostering business success.

This case study showcases how a consulting company can help a national commercial building company identify and address obstacles in deepening client relationships, resulting in tangible business growth and improved client satisfaction.