Data Solutions

Exceptional Data Solutions for AI and Machine Learning Models

At Lausanne Business Solutions, we have a unique depth and breadth of experience supporting teams from a diverse set of industries. Over the years, our amalgamation of knowledge in psychology, human behavior, linguistics, and technology has allowed us to solve problems for data project teams in a way unparalleled by our competitors. As digital transformations continue to evolve, we are helping our clients along the way.


Translation and Localization

Say goodbye to lazy word by word translations. Your customers expect more. We provide high quality translations of technical and non technical texts. We provide a high level of care to ensure translated texts are grammatically and culturally accurate.



For our clients, the value of transcribed data goes beyond being mere words on a page. Because of this, it is important to trust a team with a proven process. So far, transcription software lacks the accuracy the market demands. Our team of expert transcribers can deliver the accuracy you need. Whether you need us to transcribe audio files, capture text from images, or create appropriate descriptions from images, we can help.



Understanding how your customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders think and feel is key to market research, product development, and change initiatives, to name a few. We blend linguistic analysis and human insight to create models that provide a window into the thoughts and feelings of any given text.



Consistent, insightful, accurate; we are linguistic annotation professionals. Regardless of your need, never again doubt the accuracy of your annotation data.


Phrase Chunking

Noun Chunking, Verb Chunking, Prepositional Chunking


Machine Learning

Whether you need guidance in the development of your algorithms or need to create robust and precise datasets, we can help. Our expertise includes consulting for step-by-step project management plans, delivery and creation of necessary data sets, and all-inclusive AI model development.


Goldset Creation

The strength of your model depends on a lot of things. Goldset creation is perhaps the most important. Allow us to source, annotate, and arbitrate to create your models Goldset.


Quality Analysis

Tired of worrying that your data sets are faulty? We can help set your mind at ease. Statistical expertise and advanced data analytics techniques power our ability to analyze the quality of your data sets.


Named Entity Recognition

Imagine the immense processing power of a computer. Now, imagine that the computer can read. That is the power of Named Entity Recognition. From algorithm development to set construction and system training, we help you power the future.


Performance Analysis

The observer effect is a phenomenon that is experienced across disciplines. Performance Management is no exception. What you measure and what you look for will invariably effect the workplace and the results of your measurements. Understanding this, we have crafted custom performance programs and indicators to measure so that you not only gain valuable understanding, but so that you facilitate the right kind of performance.


Network Analysis

How does one process relate to another? How does one employee relate to another? By analyzing networks and relationships we can help you gain deeper insights into how information travels, where bottlenecks form, and where communication and change can be optimized.


Employee Engagement

Two questions must be answered. The first one, what is employee engagement? The second, how is it measured? We answer both through analysis of precise levers of engagement. Once complete, you have an personalized roadmap for organizational effectiveness.