Running a practice of any kind is no easy task. Whether you are an internal practice to a larger organization, an Investment or Asset Management team, or an Insurance brokerage, managing even the day to day can pose significant challenges. Segmenting tasks to team members, juggling a vast array of projects and initiatives, providing first rate service, and winning new business can be challenging. At times any and every effort feels more like pedaling backwards than progress. We can help.

This practice management program is tailored to streamline processes and increase the productivity and long term profits of small to mid sized organizations. This program is ideal for start-ups and financial service practices.

Operate an Efficient and Profitable Business

Many practice owners we have worked with are high performance individuals that are voracious company builders. If you are like they are, sometimes it is hard to slow down to clean up the operational side of things. However, to reduce cost, reduce risk, and optimize your margins, it is important to revisit these aspects of your business. Allow us to analyze your practice's processes to optimize your practice so you can continue to charge forth and grow your business.

Long term client relationships are a goal for all practices. Unfortunately, early stages of your business may bring clients that do not fit your evolving business model and therefore monopolize your time. It is important to identify your ideal client profile, filter out low value clients, and begin attracting high value clients that you can build long lasting, trusting relationships with. As a result, you can focus your time and deliver value.

Testimonials, endorsements, and referrals are the best way to showcase your value and attract not only new clients, but attract best-fit clients. Let us show you the process to turn clients into advocates.

Burn out is real danger to your organization. You need a business structure that allows you to leverage your time.

At Lausanne Business Solutions, our consultants leverage their expertise in team building and performance management to optimize your teams. This process includes ensuring that team members collaborate and communicate effectively, develop a “team” mindset, and retain a high level of employee engagement. Through these team building and performance management strategies, we will help your organization boost individual as well as collective performance and productivity

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Planning to pass on your business or promote an employee into a key leadership role are no light matters. Having a structured plan in place is integral to ensuring that your move will be a successful one.

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