Case Study:
Elevating Sales Excellence: A Case Study in HR SaaS Revenue

From insights to boosted revenue

The sales division of any company is the engine that drives growth, fuels innovation, and shapes the future of the organization. In this case study, we delve into our partnership with an HR SaaS company, where we collaborated to enhance their sales team's performance, ultimately achieving a remarkable 35% increase in the sales close rate and surpassing investor revenue targets by an impressive 24%.

The developmental journey began when the Vice President of Growth and Business Development of a leading HR SaaS company recognized the need to accelerate revenue growth to meet ambitious investor targets. While their sales team was seasoned and effective, they believed that further optimization was possible to increase the cadence toward achieving these targets.

To address this challenge effectively, we embarked on a comprehensive process that involved key stakeholders and meticulously crafted methodologies:

Understanding Expectations: To gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's self-diagnosis and expectations, we initiated discussions with the Vice President of Growth and Business Development, the Senior Director of Sales, and the CEO. This dialogue allowed us to align our strategies with their vision and goals.

Introductory Workshop: We kicked off the engagement with an introductory workshop for the sales team. During this session, we acknowledged their impressive successes and expressed our keen interest in learning the key factors that made them successful. We aimed to identify areas for improvement and reduce practices that hindered optimal performance. The sales team was comprised of professionals with diverse industry backgrounds, boasting an average of 10 years of sales experience.

Customer Feedback Analysis: We surveyed a subset of the company's current customers to gain insights into their experiences. While customers were generally satisfied with their account coverage, they expressed a desire for more education on the usage and benefits of their current subscriptions. Additionally, they wished for more holistic discussions that highlighted how the company's offerings could assist them in other related areas of work.

Live Sales Call Observations: Our consultants conducted in-depth analysis by observing live sales calls, both virtually and in-person. Through this process, we identified that the sales representatives, while highly professional, were missing crucial psychological triggers and emotionally intelligent approaches in relationship building and closing techniques.

Customized Workshop: Armed with insights from our assessments, we structured a tailored workshop that encompassed relationship building, psychology, emotional intelligence, and a refined sales process. This workshop focused on setting early expectations regarding service levels, education frequency, and clearly defining the roles of both parties in the customer relationship.

Continuous Monitoring: Our team remained actively involved, conducting check-ins at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months post-workshop to ensure ongoing progress. We provided support, guidance, and adjustments to the strategies as needed.


The outcomes of our partnership were nothing short of remarkable:

  • A substantial 35% increase in the sales team's close rate, reflecting their enhanced ability to convert prospects into customers.

  • Overall revenue that exceeded investor targets by an impressive 24%, demonstrating the tangible impact of our collaborative efforts.

Impact by the Numbers


Close Rate


Revenue targets

Our collaboration with the HR SaaS company exemplifies the power of data-driven insights, customized training, and continuous improvement in achieving extraordinary sales growth. By honing their sales team's skills in relationship building, psychology, emotional intelligence, and setting clear expectations, we not only met but exceeded investor revenue targets. The success of this initiative has led to further collaboration, including the development of a bespoke onboarding sales training program for all new salespeople, ensuring a bright future of continued growth and success for the organization.

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