Case Study:
Custom Management Development Program for a Growth-focused Information Security Company

Program development leads to management confidence and performance growth

In a rapidly expanding and highly competitive information security industry, a fast-growing middle market company found itself at a critical juncture. Fueled by infusion of growth-focused capital, the company embarked on an ambitious expansion plan, rapidly hiring new talent to meet their escalating demands. This growth necessitated the promotion of both experienced and inexperienced individuals to management positions, creating a need for comprehensive management training.

The leadership team recognized the importance of equipping all managers with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges of leading new teams and executing their growth strategy. To fulfill this need, they explored various options, including the possibility of establishing an internal training and development team or partnering with an external training company. After a thorough evaluation, they selected Lausanne Business Solutions (LBS), recognizing our expertise, reputation, and alignment with the company's unique culture and vision.

LBS emphasized the importance of:

Alignment with Company Culture: The management training program had to align seamlessly with the company's values and culture. LBS understood that not all training is universally effective, and the program needed to be tailored to the company's distinct "way" of doing things.

Customized Relevance: Training modules had to be custom-developed or hyper-tailored to ensure their direct relevance to the challenges faced by the company's managers.

Expert Delivery: LBS’ commitment to excellence meant that they did not rely on licensing or outsourcing for their training materials. They ensured that the workshops were expertly delivered by their own team.

Experiential Learning: The workshops prioritized active and experiential learning over traditional PowerPoint presentations, encouraging lively discussions, exercises, and team- based activities.

Follow-Up and Coaching: LBS recognized that the true value of training lies in its application. Therefore, they integrated follow-up coaching and support into their program to ensure that lessons learned were effectively implemented on the job.

Key data sources and methodologies used:

Assessment: Analysts from LBS conducted interviews with key managers and employees to understand the company's culture, strengths, challenges, and management styles. They established a competency model for top-performing managers, incorporating cultural elements.

Executive Team Consultation: LBS shared their findings and proposed developmental learning objectives based on the competency model.

Tailored Content Development: Customized content was created to align with the identified competencies and developmental objectives.

Workshop Delivery and Coaching: Participants engaged in a blend of in-person and virtual workshops. Access to a library of online learning assets allowed for on-the-job learning when needed. Additionally, LBS provided 12 months of management coaching, including group and individual sessions.


The outcomes of our partnership were significant and quantifiable:

  • Post-Training Evaluation: Over 250 managers who participated in the program gave it an average approval rating of 4.8 out of 5 on all evaluation measures.

  • Knowledge Acquisition: Knowledge checks showed a high level of learning acquisition, with scores corresponding to an impressive 89% test score.

  • Behavioral Change: Interviews and surveys of leadership, supervisors, and individual contributors revealed significant positive behavioral changes. Within three months, 79% believed that desired management competencies were developing and being applied. This figure increased to 88% by month six and reached 91% by month twelve.

  • KPI Measurement: The impact of the behavioral changes was reflected in measurable bottom-line results, including a 39% decrease in absenteeism, a 90% management approval rating, and a remarkable 72% increase in management confidence.

Impact by the Numbers


out of 5 average rating


Average knowledge scores


greed in observed competency growth and behavioral application


In absenteeism


Management Confidence


Management Approval

LBS’ partnership with the information security company not only met but exceeded expectations, equipping their managers with essential skills, aligning with their unique culture, and delivering tangible business results. This case study underscores the transformative power of tailored management training and the profound impact it can have on an organization's success in a fast- paced industry.

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