Regardless of a company’s overarching strategy, successful organizations need management that engages their people, effectively lead their teams, and drive the best results. Today’s managers execute in an ever changing landscape where they face new challenges every day. Therefore, it is crucial that managers continuously improve their leadership, communication, relationship building, and problem solving abilities.

In order to drive improvement, managers must inventory their talents and appraise their strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. The most powerful instrument to conduct such an evaluation is the management 360 approach. While many technologies on the market enable internal 360 feedback, there is no substitute for expert facilitation of 360 reviews.

We will work with you to better understand your organization's requisite leadership competencies. If you lack a coherent framework, we partner with you to construct your organization-specific leadership competency model.

Our team at Lausanne Business Solutions will conduct a deep dive into a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your managers by interviewing superiors, contemporaries, colleagues, partners, clients, and other key stakeholders. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to elicit optimal feedback throughout the process, to ensure that management not only learns their strengths and weaknesses, but improves upon these. Our 360 review process is designed to help your organization and your managers gain insights into the efficacy and impact of their actions and behaviors.


Single Manager Assessment

  • We assess select managers and provide findings reports as well as design an actionable plan for recommended improvement.
  • We conduct an assessment of your entire management team as well as provide a findings report and design an actionable plan for recommended improvement.
  • In addition to results report an actionable improvement plans, you have the option to engage us to provide expert coaching for some or all of our recommended actions.


Our software for evaluating managers and leaders is expert created and allows for fully customizable competency models. This means we can evaluate your managers based on what really matters specifically to your organization and its unique needs. We partner with a software provider that has benchmarked data from thousands of managers among a multitude of industries so that you are provided with an additional level of comparison.


When off-the-shelf assessments are not enough. We empower you with insights only achievable through custom built employee assessments. Our in-house psychologists partner with you to construct, deploy,...


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Personivate Profile

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Regardless of a company’s overarching strategy, successful organizations need management that engages their people, effectively lead their teams, and drive the best results. Today’s managers execute in ...


The most successful training starts with a plan . A prerequisite for a plan, however, is to first analyze your workforce to understand what skills, knowledge, and know-how will enable them to perform at ...



Whether you are stuck in your career or want to increase your career trajectory, we have the insider insights to help you accelerate your success.


Leaders from middle market companies to the Fortune 50, from non-profits to government agencies, have come to Lausanne to provide them with the unparalleled caliber of coaching and guidance we are known for.


Developing and leading a cohesive team requires a nuanced approach that straddles both art and science. We will provide you with powerful prescriptive steps and guide you through execution.


Skill Development Coaching is for when you have a need to develop or hone a particular skill and want 1-1 attention. We have worked with individuals at all levels of their careers in a number of skill sets areas. The attention and access provided by such an arrangement leads to quick learning and application.


Style is never a substitute for substance, but without being cognizant of how you present yourself and how you are perceived, you will never be able to put substance to work. Executive presence coaching explores how you look, how you speak, how you command attention, and how you persuade. We then provide you with guidance needed to optimize these areas to win the hearts and minds of both your subordinates and superiors.


Who ever said managing key relationships within your organization, or with clients was easy? Well, if you were under the impression that it is, you are wrong. Our frameworks will teach you just how to build strong and long lasting relationships that can be leveraged to create outsized results for you and your organization.

Our Popular Assessment Solutions:


Training Needs Analysis

It is often said that you " don't know what you don't know." Blind spots are weaknesses waiting to be turned into strengths. We can evaluate individual employees or your entire organization in order to inform you on the best development plan or training and development program.

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Leadership Styles Inventory

While your leadership may be unique, chances are you fall within a combination of archetypal leadership styles. This assessment will help you understand what your baseline leadership style is and the benefits, opportunities, and implications that correspond with it. This profile can be used for self-awareness, management training, or leadership development.

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360 Management Reviews

When getting feedback, it is important to listen to numerous sources, and among a variety of departments and levels of seniority. By doing so, you capture the entire 360 degrees of perspectives. The report includes both qualitative and quantitative insights and actionable recommendations for growth. This can be used individually or part of a cohort. It can be delivered on its own or as part of a coaching or training program.

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Personivate Profile

A breakthrough innovation in personality and behavioral assessment. The Personivate Profile provides a comprehensive analysis of personality and highlights default behavior in a variety of key workplace situations. It can be leveraged for individuals to gain self-awareness, to increase team-cohesion, or as a tool for leadership development.

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Emotional Intelligence Quotient

We all experience emotions. These emotions are a product of our natural disposition, automatic thoughts, and our interpretations and interactions with situations and experiences. The ability to recognize, understand, and manage these emotions, not only within ourselves, but in other people, dictate our intrapersonal, interpersonal, and career success. Our EI assessment is an in-house creation that helps you benchmark and improve key areas of emotional intelligence.

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