There is perhaps no more important function of an organization than that of training and developing its people. Whether an organization is experiencing smooth sailing or being bombarded with challenges, their people must be trained to perform their duties at the highest level of performance. For private industry, government, and DoD Agencies, uncertain budgets, attrition, and an aging workforce, cause additional pressures to do more with less. However, as the workforce ages, there is an urgent need to increase knowledge transfer and retain the institutional knowledge of its workers. Furthermore, mandated change requires those with knowledge and know-how to embrace and succeed through such a change to help develop those skills in others so that they too can thrive through change.

Proper and effective training requires trainers to have the knowledge and know-how to structure, deliver, evaluate and analyze their training. Lausanne Business Solution’s Training-the-Trainer program does just that. This expert-crafted training will tool your trainers to make an impact on the learning within their workforce.

After taking this class participants will have a framework for planning and delivering their training in an impactful manner. Participants will also learn how to analyze and evaluate outcomes clearly and precisely. When these skills come together, they generate opportunities and ensure success. Trainings will be more engaged and outcomes will be long-term. This train-the-trainer class will provide theory and practice. Each participant will contribute, exercise, and practice their training deliveries.


Training Knowledge, Planning, and Alignment

  • Basics of adult learning theory
  • Key foundations of critical training skills
  • How to conduct a need assessment and set learning objectives
  • How to create a positive learning environment
  • Improve (active) listening skills
  • Difference between training, coaching, and mentoring, as well as when to employ each
  • Dispel confusion in individual and team goals
  • Develop successful problem solving skills (identify the problem first)
  • Linking training to organizational policies and strategy

Training Delivery

  • How to conduct training presentations with clarity and purpose
  • How to be aware of and appreciate learning styles
  • How to communicate the main points concisely
  • How to identify and leverage personal presentation style
  • How to conquer butterflies, anxiety, and worry
  • How to manage questions and provide active responses
  • How to effectively use visuals
  • How to identify and remove barriers to effective communication
  • How to win the participants over and maintain interest
  • Techniques to help remember key points and format
  • How to use voice and body language most effectively
  • How to lead discussions
  • How to deal with difficult participants

Training Analysis and Evaluation

  • How to evaluate training
  • Understanding the four levels of training impact
  • Auditing your training and augmenting for continual improvement
  • The importance of feedback and follow up
Course Durations: 3 Day – 1 Week Durations


  • People Strategy
  • Talent Management
  • Motivation
  • Recruiting
  • Group Facilitation
  • 2 Day Intensive
  • Lecture
  • Group Dynamics
  • Simulations
  • Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Skill Practice Exercises
  • Pre-Training Assessment
  • Tailored Content
  • Expert Delivery
  • Post-Training Evaluation
  • Post-Training Assessment
  • 3 Month Follow-Up

Research Based

Expert Delivered

Active and Experiential


client Satisfaction Rating


of clients would refer us


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running evaluation form average
(out of 5)


of trainers hold higher degrees
(Most PhD)

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